Our Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions

Disposable Dataloggers

Most economical solutions for cold chain monitoring during transit, especially for export shipments when reverse logistics is not feasible option. Compact size datalogger has inbuilt USB to transfer the data to PC without requiring additional hardware. […]

Re-Usable Dataloggers

Cost effective cold chain monitoring for shipments, cold storages, Refer Vehicles and Vaccine refrigerators. Memory of these loggers can be erased and reset for Re-use for infinite times. Auto Generating PDF report and Replaceable batteries are added advantages. […]

Real-Time Dataloggers

Wifi/GSM based Dataloggers provide 24×7 cold chain monitoring and keep user updated about all critical situations to take the corrective action when required. Data will be securely stored on cloud server would prevent accidental data loss. […]

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Single Use Dataloggers,

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